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At this point in 2020, on the verge of reaching its equator, we can all agree that we will remember this year as the pandemic that turned the entertainment industry upside down (among others). The production and premieres of films have suffered a worldwide breakdown of several months, streaming platforms have become a very first exhibition force and the need has been raised to reformulate the windows of cinema, domestic formats and television that were previously almost immovable.

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At the time of preparing this list, the situation is as uncertain as it was a few months ago. There are premieres since June, but all modest productions: the great premieres will be scarcer than in other years and, at best, they will pile up in the fall, if they do not start to be displaced by 2021. The absence of festivals, than in Most of the cases have been directly suspended until 2021. It is also a strong blow to the distribution of films outside the mainstream mainstream machinery.

So with this absolutely extraordinary panorama very present, we begin the review. These are the best movies we’ve seen this year, and a few of the ones we’re expecting for the remainder of 2020.

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The best movies of 2020 so far
The lighthouse
The Final Lighthouse Explained 1578493083
Great second film by Robert Eggers, who already took horror movies by storm a few years ago with the masterful ‘The Witch’. In this case, he wanders through less clear codes, but continues to resort to the citation of classics, such as the stories of maritime specters by William Hope Hodgson. His radical commitment to black and white photography and his suffocating almost square format reinforce two brilliant interpretations of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe giving life to two lighthouse keepers whose confinement begins to make them lose their roles.

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